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Medusa has devoted much of her life to understanding the innermost workings of the human mind. As a young child she survived and triumphed over a nightmarish environment by developing the powers of her mind to preserve herself and influence others.

In the 1990's she devoted herself to emotional recovery and self improvement through the study of Neuro- Linguistic Programming, while utilizing its numerous applications in various sales and marketing positions. Her interest continued to expand, encompassing all forms of hypnosis and mind control, and culminating in her career as a professional hypnotist.

Over the last decade she has used hypnosis to help and entertain thousands of people through personal sessions, childbirth education classes, and stage performances. For several years she was the most popular lady hypnotist in the southeastern United States, combining dazzlingly forceful stage inductions with warmth and appreciation for her volunteer stars. She now has fans all over the world.

In addition to the aforementioned professional activities, she has researched and explored almost every concievable hypnotic methodology, working to combine the underlying principles of ancient practices with a twenty-first century understanding of psychology and neurology.

For additional information, you are invited to read her blog at WordPress.com.

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